Homo A Go Go: Your Queer Arts Revolution

Homo A Go Go is a queer music, film, art and activism festival which has showcased the work of hundreds of independent/DIY/alternative queer artists. Homo A Go Go was founded in 2002 by Ed Varga.  Varga and a team of volunteers presented festivals in 2002, 2004 and 2006 in Olympia, WA and in 2009 in San Francisco, CA. Homo A Go Go’s mission statement is, “Positively impacting queer lives and building community through art.”  

Since 2002 we have presented 200+ musical acts, 300+ films, 100+ visual artists, 80+ multi-media/spoken word performers to audiences of over 15,000.  Audience members have joined us from all over the world, from as far away as Thailand.

Between 2002-2006 Homo A Go Go donated over $11,000 in ticket sales to the Olympia based Gender Variant Healthcare Project.  

Quick facts:  

Unlike corporate sponsored music festivals, we have always kept ticket prices low for greater accessibility.  2009 pass prices are $10 for youth under age 21 and $20/day for ages 21 and up.

All-ages: 90% of our events have been open to attendees of all-ages.

Music: each festival has presented 35-40 musical acts

Film: each festival has presented over 100 films

Art: each festival has presented the work over 20 visual artists from around the world

Theatrical, multi-media and spoken word performers:  each festival has presented over 20 artists

Fashion Show: as a centerpiece of the festival, it has presented the work of over 100 DIY designers.  We guarantee it’s like no other runway you’ve ever seen.

Craft Fair: the Craft Fair has hosted hundreds of DIY/independent businesses and community organizations.

Education/Activism: each festival has presented workshops on socio-political issues, activism and “hands-on/how-to/DIY” themes.

Past Festival Highlights

2002: Kate Bornstein debuted a speech on post 9/11 conservative backlash against the GLBTQ communities to a spellbound and teary eyed house of over 800.

2002: festival attendees took over the street for a dance party in the rain that lasted past 4 AM.

2004: Featured Guest, Imani Henry presented his groundbreaking performance piece, B4T

2004: The Indigo Girls made a surprise appearance, selling out the Capitol Theater to over 1000 queers and friends.

2004: Queercore icons, Team Dresch, came together for a reunion show that brought together queer youth and 40 something fans.

2006: Cult favorite, Vaginal Davis, MC’ed and presented a multi-media performance piece.

2006: Jon Cameron Mitchell (creator and star of Hedwig and the Angry Inch) attended and presented the North American premiere of his film, “Short Bus.”

2006: critically acclaimed performance artist, Julie Atlas Muz, treated us to three performance pieces

Internationally loved band, The Gossip, rocked packed houses in 2002, 2004, 2006.

2009: highlights

We are currently working to archive photos, videos, stories, T-shirts, posters, festival guides and other festival materials for a web archive.  We are also seeking an archival home for these physical items.  We are also looking for funding to create a web archive of Queercore artists, events, zines, etc. spanning from the early 1990’s to present.  Please contacts us if you have items to donate and want to get involved.


“Radical queer artists have a very important thing to say, and they open the gates for people that are different, and youth, and breaking down gender and race and class.” – Amy Ray on Homo A Go Go